Compare Solar Panels

How To Compare Solar Panels

Multicrystalline (Polycrystalline) Panels:

Brand Panel Size Cell Efficiency Module Efficiency Photon Ranking
Sunpower 245W 22.5% 19%  1,2,3
Seraphim 250W 18%  15.7%  4
Bosch 255W N/A  N/A 78
REC 240W N/A  14.5%  26,27
Sharp 250W N/A  15.2%  125
Suntech 250W N/A  15.7% 92
Trina 250W N/A  15.3% 68,69
Winaico 250W N/A 15.06%  28
ZN Shine 240W N/A  15%  23
Conergy 250W N/A 15.22% 19
Juli 250W N/A 15.25% N/A 

From the above table you can see that there is a big difference between panels.

Three key things to look for in selecting your solar panels:

  • Panel Efficiency % – Both the cell efficiency and module efficiency should be looked at – sometimes panel manufacturers list “efficiency” without referring to cell or module which can be very misleading.
  • Total installed cost
  • Warranties

All of the above panels have good warranties and representation by reputable firms here in Australia. The Captură-ecranoverall cost of a solar power system should be looked at as a long term investment. A few percentage points makes a huge difference to the overall output of solar panels. The new Seraphim solar panels get our vote because at the time of conducting this study they came out in front for value and efficiency

The Seraphim solar panel is the best value for money from our price checks, however, prices can change from time to time.

The photon test ranking is based on the most recent tests done by Photon Laboratory which tests a number of factors including yield (kWh/kW) to determine the panels ranking.

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